Breathing In The Light (Prod. Obesøn)

by SMZ

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When you look at life, it tends to be looking up, or looking down. Its not always so simple. It can be hard to be motivated when all you see is the bottom, but oddly enough, when you've worked your way up and the top is in sight, it can be just as daunting to see the end in sight. This song is about getting adjusted to that rarer air.

Check out the music video, directed by Joe Cash, right here:


The musical itch still burns. Not as hard as when I had nothing left but a frail hope and a note. Not as hard as when I was losing it all and needed to build something new to love. Not as hard as when all I had left was the power to create something that loved me back. I'm in a much better place mentally and literally, but I now see it as an opportunity to explore a side of my music I never tapped into before. Seeing things in a more positive light, enjoying the more superficial moments in life but maintaining their deeper impact on my state of being, and its qualities that present as ever-malleable and kept alive by its desire to be affected as such. Getting lost in a newfound love for the outside world. The light had to come from the inside, but now the outside is glowing bright now I'm letting it in.

Breathing In The Light

Teetering on the edge,
of a leader swing,
gotta keep momentum,
unless I fall off,
need a queen,
like the evolution of a nidorin-
-a, need a moon stone,
wit that one girl I could make the moon home,
call it B-613 the snake has bit me,
I'm the little prince and I'm going 160,
through the desert and I'm rising up,
dying of thirst and on the eighth day I find my luck,
the fox told me its the time I put into the rose that,
makes the rose so important,
may not be special to you,
but she's special to me,
I am feeling better,
but is better for free?
its like it cost the mind,
that was lost at times,
but was an indispensable tool,
when lost in rhymes,
cuz in life, I found my happiness,
I didn't have to write it down,
or wish I had the best,
never knew this day would come,
wanted to be in love, and not a slave to one,
its either get lost in old emotions,
or forget it all and drink my love potion,

I take a stride on the line of divide,
draw the line, split it open and dive inside.

My happy place.

its real

bar 105

where will you go?
when will you see?/
when will you know?/
what is happening to/ meee....

bar 113 - bar 121


I"m looking up its a long long way down/
but there is a life to be found/


released March 25, 2015
Produced by Obesøn



all rights reserved


SMZ Toronto, Ontario

1/2 of the Universal Architects.
Cosmic trails all lead to you.
Enter Galaxies... and rule.


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