We Made It (Cosmic Remix)

by SMZ

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As we ponder the future, its bright light induces a euphoric cry of victory, as our cosmic tendrils make first contact.


the inner God-Self to make this here run cease/
the cosmic light you know is out here living on the streets/
see the stars pass by, get a contact high, just by living on a beat//
this is where my spaceship lands down/
and you can't even take my damn town/
my inner sovereignty, is taking over/
I carry my own weight on my shoulders//
don't do my heavy lifting/
I'll do my heavy sifting/
tryina fill the rift in/
with my own positivity//

see this here life you livin?/
I want to give you the keys to the prison/
before we leave lets take a tour of the cells/
and see where you're living is now under swells//
of everlasting consciousness that's runnin/
to the holster where you put that gun in/
to that eye where you let that sun in/
and realize everything is just running//

here we go, this Nike/
got me running faster than everything that I/
ever could have in my psyche//
I can think of things so fast/
but if I can move/
faster, I go back in time/
now I can go back in rhyme//

reverse backwards this is how I rap/
when you see me talking/
I don't be talking no smack/
I just be coming back//
I don't got time for wasting/
I just wanna love/
but if you don't wanna be/
anywhere above//

I might go down low/
give you what you think you need/
give you this i-/
-mmortal seed, I am//
never coming down and/
if you'd like to see me die/
you can see me drowning/

call the lifeguard!/
please save me from my ever-growing yard/
I keep finding all these things that you will never be/
I am gonna find the link to my everlasting destiny//
but you know this river/
is running hard/
so you cannot shiver/
cuz its gettin so cold from the womb to the liver//

this alcohol/
is pouring out/
I see it running/
down your mouth//
like a drool of spit/
coming down/
but ya fool this pit/
is never gonna be uptown//

I am/
the hand within the sands/
tryina pull ya down/
and make ya from a boy into a man//
this is the rabbit hole/
please eat your carrots/
and please pet your horses/
before you ride in their chariots//

cuz, the ride can get a little bumpy see/
we want to be above thee/
among thee, this is how we/
make the monkey//
go from a man to a/
thing that he could be/
primates going hard/
for the mushrooms of destiny//

don't have anymore reply/
because I am too ethereal/
living in the sky//
do not try to pry/
I have no more information/
this is now a station/
that you are listening//

to, to, to/
don't change the channels/
you might start to/
see the zoo//
cuz if you see the cages/
start to bang the bars/
we might have to come and give you/
everything we have that's ours//

we don't ever/
wanna have it like that/
cuz we worked a long time/
and you might fight back//
but we have/
more resolve/
but what's this mystery/
we cannot solve?//

it's me/
running hard trying get my company up/
tryina see how you can get so good/
that you might wanna re-up//
get so good that you never want anything else/
except for this stuff that you got from yourself/
DMT, let me see/
society's elves//

come out of the closet/
this is how we got it/
this is how we get it and/
this is how we get in the pocket//
don't come out your pockets, just give me more of you/
cuz if you give me more of you, I get more of me/
and multiply it/
by my company of two//

that's me and you/
the listener is God/
let me see every single/
avatar of your facade//
I don't wanna be/
a player, but I wanna be part of the game/
I just wanna watch everything rise/
and go down in flames//

I am life's/
your muscles in a knot/
but I sensei//
hear me now/
what you forgot/
don't let/
don't let our body rot.//


released May 23, 2015



all rights reserved


SMZ Toronto, Ontario

1/2 of the Universal Architects.
Cosmic trails all lead to you.
Enter Galaxies... and rule.


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